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Patricia Châteauneuf

Director, National Multiplatform Sales and Client Solutions

Willpower can help you achieve the impossible

As the matriarch of a large blended family composed of five children, Patricia has an objective to find time, every day, to be physically active. Her secret: she focuses on high-intensity exercises like running that can quickly provide physical activity benefits. Additionally, she enjoys kite surfing, an activity that she says challenges her. Staying active amps up Patricia’s energy and helps her to effectively manage stress.

She believes that with a good dose of willpower, a person can achieve the impossible. In 2016, Patricia participated in a relay race from Montreal to New York in which each member of the team had to run 80 kilometres. She is very proud of this accomplishment. For Patricia, being an ambassador for the FitSpirit Mother/Daughter Relay provides a unique opportunity. She’ll take part in the run with her daughter, Béatrice, who she’s looking forward to spending time with. She hopes that the experience will help Béatrice develop a passion for running.

Patricia has more than 25 years of experience in multiplatform media sales and digital marketing. She’s an experienced manager who has worked at Videotron, Astral Media and TC Media. Since 2014, she’s worked for Radio-Canada as the leader of the creative media team and national sales team.