All of our FitSpirit programs are designed for girls between the ages of 12 and 17. We will not be preparing specific tools to cater to girls under the age of 12 as part of the Relay That said, if a person under the age of 12 is motivated to participate, she can do so provided that adults in her entourage present the relay as a game, are attentive to her limitations and guide her in choosing the appropriate distance, she can participate. At FitSpirit, our philosophy is to encourage all physical activity, as long as it is enjoyable for the participant and respectful of their limitations.  We recommend that a responsible adult be present with younger girls during their training sessions and throughout the various stages of the Relay weekend.
FitSpirit's mission is to bring adolescent girls to be active for life. In this mindset, the FitSpirit Mother/Daughter Relay aims precisely to strengthen the bonds between mothers and teenage girls through the accomplishment of an active challenge as a team. However, FitSpirit does not wish to exclude anyone from its Relay. Having read the mission of our organization and wishing to contribute, we are counting on your judgment to register for the Relay . Above all, FitSpirit is part of the great movement to promote physical activity in the country and we encourage everyone to move more!
Absolutely! For the 2020 edition, participants have the option of running in teams of two or three.
You definitely can! You can always do walking and running intervals or walk the entire distance if that is what you prefer. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to prepare yourself properly for the relay by following an eight-week training program created by The Running Clinic.
You can prepare for your challenge by following the advice of different health and physical activity experts. By joining the private Facebook group, you will have access to an eight-week training program mounted by professionals in addition to a few videos of strength training exercises broadcast live on Tuesdays at noon, but also made available at all times after their release. You can also visit The site has an interactive tool that allows you to generate workout sessions based on length, difficulty level and training type. It also features helpful advice and healthy recipes. You will also find practical advice, healthy and energizing recipes and the services of a nutritionist and kinesiologist who will be happy to answer all your questions related to nutrition and physical activity.
The relay is not timed. At FitSpirit we value fun, teamwork and self-esteem through the practice of physical activity, without competition! We therefore hope that participants register for the event to live an experience through which they can flourish, without worrying about performance. If, on the other hand, a participant wishes to calculate her time, she is free to use her own technological tools that will allow her to do so.
There are a number of apps you can use to calculate the number of kilometres you have walked or run, such as: STRAVA: Ride with GPS: Endomondo: Nike Run Club: You can also plot your route with Google Maps. Alternatively, you can map out your route beforehand in a car, using the odometer to measure the distance. This formula is just as good for those who own a bike with an odometer or using basic apps provided on your cell phone (eg Health).e. You can also do this on a bicycle if your bike has an odometer, or if you use an app (such as “Health”) with a built-in distance tracker. Your smartphone may already have this type of app.
The virtual edition of the Relay will differ from past editions. The challenge consists of running or walking 20 kilometres in teams of two or three. You have the possibility of doing it together, one at a time and at any moment during the weekend.
In order to ensure your health and safety, we recommend that you follow certain guidelines, which will ensure that you behave as a runner respectful of other road users:
  1. Stay in your neighbourhood to lower the probability of the virus spreading to another area and avoid making unnecessary stops. 
  2. Run in places that will allow you to respect the distance of 2 meters between you and the other people you meet. Narrow trails are therefore to be avoided. 
  3. Only run with people who are members of your household.
  4. Try to run at lower traffic times, if possible.
  5. Avoid spitting on the ground.
The FitSpirit Mother-Daughter Relay is reserved for women. Why? Because during adolescence, activities "between girls" allow them to find themselves in a context where they are more comfortable moving, at a very special moment in their life where they experience major transformations (body, interests, importance of the eyes of others, etc.).
In addition to being a unifying, free and dynamic event, the FitSpirit Mother-Daughter Relay is also a benefit activity that allows FitSpirit to raise precious funds to pursue its mission. Thus, each mother-daughter duo / trio can commit to fundraising when registering.
At puberty, a large number of young girls experience disengagement from physical activity and sports. Several barriers, in particular the offer of activities that are poorly suited to the needs and interests of adolescent girls, can curb their desire or motivation to move. Thus, at the end of high school, 9 out of 10 girls do not meet Canadian standards for physical activity. The funds raised allow FitSpirit to bring more teenagers to be active for life by allowing them to practice sport and physical activity in a different way, surrounded by a community of inspiring and dedicated people.
We have chosen to use Facebook groups as the virtual platform where we will share our stories, photos and videos. Signing up for Facebook is simple and free. However, you can participate in the event even if you do not want a Facebook account. You can stay updated with event happenings by frequently consulting the FitSpirit Mother/Daughter Relay website.
Via the private Facebook group for the FitSpirit Mother/Daughter Relay or by email at

Not to worry! Just catch up by following the proposed training program for the week you registered. What is important is to respect your body, go at your own pace and have fun!