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Caroline Lemoine

Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Educating girls about the benefits of sport

Sport and physical activity are an integral part of Caroline Lemoine’s life as they enable her to maintain a physical and psychological equilibrium. She strongly believes in the cause that the FitSpirit Mother/Daughter Relay supports and is enthusiastic about her involvement in the event.

With her daughter having the opportunity to participate in an intensive volleyball program in high school, Caroline witnessed firsthand the immense benefits her daughter derived from it particularly in overall physical fitness, a keen sense of team spirit and superior organizational skills. Her daughter now coaches a volleyball team which allows her to further develop her leadership skills.

According to Caroline, in order to interest girls in sports and exercise it is essential to educate them about its many benefits and to offer them a variety of choices that correspond to their interests. Furthermore, they need to be given adequate support.

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Civil Law (LL.B.) from the Université de Montréal and was admitted to the Bar of Quebec in 1993. Her arrival at Industries Lassonde Inc. 15 years ago allowed her to create a legal affairs department that strives to foster the company’s continual growth by collaborating closely with the operations department and by facilitating a number of acquisitions.